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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bazel by Google

Bazel by google
Google announce  the Beta release of Bazel, an open source system that automates software that builds and tests android apps.

Bazel supports java, Objective-C and C++ out of box, and can be extended to support arbitrary programming languages.

Bazel is a flavor of the tool that Google uses to build its server software internally. It has expanded to build other software as well, like mobile apps (iOS, Android) that connect to our servers.

Bazel shines at building and testing projects with a large codebase, projects written in compiled languages, projects that deploy on multiple platforms

Bazel can run on different platform, currently, Linux and Mac OS X.

Bazel is similar to other tools like Make, Ant, Gradle, Buck, Pants and Maven.

It also includes support for building Android and iOS apps, as well as Docker images, and lets you use libraries from sources like GitHub and Maven. If you prefer, you can dig into Bazel’s API to add your own build rules.

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