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Saturday, July 28, 2012

BackTrack 5 KDE startx problem fixed

While installing the BackTrack 5 KDE(64 bit) OS when you try to enter into GUI mode via typing startx you get a strange error message like this:

This is well known bug in BackTrack 5 KDE (64 bit version) and many user asked me about the solution of this bug.
This problem can be fixed by deleting the kcache files from the following directories:
  • /root/.kde/cache-bt
  • /root/.kde/cache-root
Since GUI is not available without the startx so you will have to use the commands to delete all kcache files in the above directories.So Type the following commands
# cd /root/.kde/
# find . -type f -iname "*.kcache" -delete
rm /root/.kde/cache-root/icon-cache.kcache
rm /root/.kde/cache-root/plasma_theme_Volatile.kcacherm /root/.kde/cache-bt/icon-cache.kcache
rm /root/.kde/cache-bt/plasma_theme_Volatile.kcache

As usual now type startx command.

Some people also found some alternatives to fix this problem you can also try these

  • Boot from live cd or use vmware to boot the backtrack
  • Wait till the screen to decide which mode to boot.
  • Press the TAB key. (This opens the grub options for the live boot)
  • Change the section with "text splash vga=791" to "text splash vga=791 i915.modeset=1".
  • Press the ENTER key.
  • Type startx and Wait for Gui to appear
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