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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 Strategy Game of all time

Top !0 Strategy game of all time

  • Age of Empires:
1.Age of Empires3
2.Age of Empires2
3.Age of Empires1

All of them are worth playing.
I enjoyed Age of empires2:The Conquerers and Asian Dynasty most

  • Overlord:
Overlord is like Pikman gone bad. Really bad. Evil even! Using the right analog stick players sweep their "minions" across the terrain to kill, pillage, and devour everything in sight whilst those little buggers squawk with glee and urinate on the fallen corpses. There was a bit of an alignment system for players to meta-game as they conquered the world and abolished its heroes, but both options were evil--one was just really evil.

  • Stronghold Crusader: 
Very old game but really enjoyable even today!!!
  • Majesty2: 
Playable game but majesty1 was not too good..

  • Commandose:
Great game all based on world war...

  • Command and Conquer:
Great game all series are great....

  • World of warcraft: 
really addicting game
All Series are best....

  • Game: Europa Universalis III

The original Europa Universalis was a stunningly detailed historical sim that took a bit of finagling to finally wrap your head around. Managing alliances, trading with foreign powers, and holding your burgeoning empire together during the massive religious shifts that swept the land was both daunting and enjoyable (when your choices were executed "correctly").

  • Rise of Nations:

Great Game,Build your nation from Scratch to very advance in technology such as nuclear weapons!!!

  • Dawn of Discovery

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