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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nexus 7 comes to India

                   Finally after a long wait, the Nexus 7 is gonna be launched in India at 16000 bucks; the product is expected to be shipped from 5th April onwards. You can book the same from the google site, find the link at bottom of this article.

               The Indian version although is going to be shipped in 16 GB variant, while there is no announcement about 8 GB version, so far; and it doesn't seem like Google would actually  be willing to release it either, but who is complaining ? :D .. We all obviously want more space.

              The Nexus is basically an Google flagship product, manufactured by Asus, so this would pitch in a lot of support from Google on software side, given that it even runs on Android 4.2 and along with project butter, this should run smooth.

              As far as the specs are concerned the Nexus 7 looks really promising, here is all the aspects in this little monster : 

1. Built and Screen 

              The Nexus is pretty solid built, given that ASUS is the manufacturer, There doesn't seem like too many things to be felt cheap about.. Would say very good built for its price range. The tab is 20 cm long and about 12 cm broad with thickness of 10.45 mm, and above all weighs only about 340 gm, so seems good for one hand fit! Oh yeah not to forget 7" inches screen, moreover the screen is protected by a Scratch-resistant Corning® glass.

          The Screen sports a 1200 x 800 resolutions screen, with 216 pixels per inches (ppi), although the resolution is good, the pixel density of 216 is just OK ! .. definitely not the best around. The nexus uses an IPS display. So overall the screen is decent, in fact pretty good for its price factor, but then Screen is not this tablet's biggest assets, so if we had to rate it we would say 8/10. 

2. Processor, RAM and GPU.

       The Nexus 7 runs on NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor, which is currently one of the best mobile cpu in the market, so thats a pretty good hardware, while 1 GB RAM is sure to make a smoother interface for the users.

          Not to forget that Google had put in a whole new research team on project BUTTERS, so as to make the whole experience on its tablet a butter like, so as far as interface is concerned this sure is a silky experience. We would give 9/10 for this segment.


          The one biggest problems according to me in the recent mobile devices has been the battery, well at least on this device we seem to have a decent battery, with 4325 mAH battery, this device should easily give about 7-8 hours of active uses, like gaming, wifi and stuff, this can easily be a score of 9/10

4. Other Inputs

                   1.2 Mgpx FRONT facing camera 
            (no back camera)
                    Android 4.2
            WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

ALL That we find awesome about NEXUS 7 (pros) : 

      1. The processor : 1.2 GHZ NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processors along 1 GB RAM are extremely gaming + app friendly, makes for a smooth usage.

    2. The Battery, we really like the 4325 mAH power, good enough to run through all days play and still not trouble you for charge.

        3. Native support from Google.

And the cons : 

     1. Seriously we miss the back facing camera, although the front facing 1.2 mgpx camera is good, the back camera would have been just perfect.

       2. 216 ppi screen could have been improved, not that it under performs or anything, but then is could have just been a really cool.

Benchmarks :

The CPU and processor test (geekbench)

 GPU test (vellamo)

Our Verdict 

      The Nexus 7 is a really good tablet, for its price range. The above benchmarks speaks positive about the product as well, overall this is a really good product and is definitely one to be looked at, we would give it 9/10. So if you looking for a tablet in 15k range, do give this a try, Its worth it :-) 

you can order it from here : 


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  1. Well being a nexus 7 user, I would say its simply awsum !! ya it lacks expandable space..but then u got so many online storage option..and with so fast wifi and 3g connections its easily accessible .I use a Xperia S as well and ther is 2 major difference i find b/w them is the battery life in Nexus is twice as the Xperia ....but the screen in Xperia s with bravia engine is so beautiful ..wheras in nexus its kinda washed out and horrible in day light ...finally i would say ..a great tab for 15k (thou i got it for 9k in usa ) ..and good contender against the samsung tab 8


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