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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to create random folder creating virus?

In this blog post I will teach you how to create more than 5000 random folders in a minute but before this I want to warn you that I do not take any responsibility for causing harm to your or any other computer.This tutorial is just for informative purpose only Smile.

For this we will use the help of bat files and simple dos commands.So follow the step by step procedure for creating random folder creating virus if you want to create one.

Step 1: Open the notepad or any other text editor

Step 2: Type the following things


Explanation: This is very simple bat file which runs infinitely with the help of recursive(self) calling(GOTO LABEL) and between these calls we are creating empty directory using md(You can write any other command instead of md).

Step 3: Now save it with Computer.bat in your hard disk.

Step 4: Now send it’s shortcut to desktop and change it’s default icon to icon of the computer or anything you like e.g Internet Explorer but do not forget to change the name accordingly.
Step 5: Now delete or hide the original one from desktop so that user of the system will click on the fake one.Njoy the magic of bat files Thumbs up.AfterComputer

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