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Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Satanic version of Ubuntu: Linux for Beasts

Ubuntu Satanic Edition is an Ubuntu based operating system with very dark bloody themes.It has also heavy music albums  from Indian band Theorized, T.A.N.K from Germany, Lost World Order from France and New York thrashers Deathalizer.

It is Gnome 2 based Ubuntu operating system and comes as live CD and DVD .
Satanic Edition has many applications are included, plus thousands more available to download and install at the click of a button.All of them are open source and free.
Installation of Satanic Ubuntu can be done in same way as Ubuntu e.g. boot directly from CD/DVD or install from CD/DVD or installed inside Windows.
If you already have Ubuntu installed, you can simply add the packages related to Satanic Ubuntu by following these instructions.
You can download the Satanic Ubuntu Cd and Dvd from the following link:

                                                              Download Undead CD

                                                              Download Undead DVD

Get a look of this OS for beasts:


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