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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creating projects in java in team:Setting project on google code and connecting it with eclipse

Follow the following simple steps to set up :

1.Creating a New Project: 

Go to following link:

Sign in using your gmail account

2.Fill the proper details of the project you want to create:


3.Install Subclipse plugin in Eclipse:
Open eclipse:
  • Go to help
  • Install new software
  • Click on add
  • In the Add repository dialog
  • choose any name you want
  • In location enter the following:
Light bulbIt is showing the duplicate location since I have configured it already.


Click Next and continue until done.Eclipse will ask you to restart so that changes can take effect.


Next step:Using Subclipse:

To participate in the developement of a project you must have to be a member of that project.You can ask the Administrator of the project to join the project.

Now time to set up repository (only members of a project can do it)
select Show view as fast view button then form the pop up dialog choose Other(you can also use the shortcut Alt+shift+Q,Q)


Now scroll down to SVN when next dialog box appears and choose SVN Repositories.

SVN Repositories window will be opened right click then select New and click on
Repository Location.


In the next Dialog box Enter the url of your project which you can get from your google code project under source tab.

Copy the underline link in the Url:


Click Finish when prompted.

Now we are ready to check in our project in Goole Code.It’s time to share our project with our team.Proceed as shown


In the next Dialog select SVN


Now select Use existing Repository location and click next.

Repository you already set up will appear in this dialog box


Now select use project name as folder name and click next.

A new dialog will appear next which ask for a Username and a password.
Username is generally your email address but password can be generated via following manner:

  • Goto your project on google code and select source tab
  • Click on password to generate the password 
Copy the password and paste it in the place of password in the eclipse Share project dialog


Eclipse will ask you to choose the perspective associated with team.


Now a folder with your project name will be created under svn/trunk at google code page at Source tab.

The project files can be uploaded to this project folder.You can perform this operation by clicking on Project and select Team the click Commit.


A new window dialog will appear which will ask you to select the files you want to upload.You will be asked again the username and password.After this your project files can be seen at Google code.

Every time a team member update a source file then he/she commits which gets reflected in the repository.

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