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Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Know Which sites are safe for browsing????

While on the Internet some times we generally submit our sensitive data to some sites we even don't know.
These sites may breach your browser security and may spread viruses in your computer and can use your sensitive data to swindle you.How to get rid off these sites???

 There is a simple and free solution to this problem !!!

McAfee SiteAdvisor

This is a free browser plugin that gives safety advice about websites on the search results page before you actually click on the links. After you install the SiteAdvisor plugin, you will see a small rating icon next to each search result which will alert you about suspecious/risky websites and help you find safer alternatives. These ratings are derived based on various tests conducted by McAfee.
Based on the quality of links, SiteAdvisor may display Green, Yellow, Red or Grey icon next to the search results. Green means that the link is completely safe, Yellow means that there is a minor risk, Red means a mojor risk and Grey means that the site is not yet rated. These results will guide you to Web safety.
SiteAdvisor works on both Internet Explorer and Firefox which you can download from the following link:


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